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Colored & Polished Concrete Flooring

Cost effective and highly attractive, concrete floors, also called cement floors are a common sight these days. They are no longer available only in boring grey, but in a multitude of hues like blue, green, brown, terra cotta, etc. Popping up almost everywhere from fancy restaurants to offices and homes, concrete floors are very easy to maintain and have a long life time. They offer a range of options, from being painted to acid-stained and overlays. Ingenious coloring techniques like chemical staining, epoxy coatings and concrete dyes have proved to enhance the durability, resistance to abrasion and lifetime of concrete floors. Innovative dyes contributing a wide color palette, and textured designs developed over the recent years have brought a new breath of life to concrete flooring.

Some of the major benefits of concrete flooring are,

  • Versatile and easy to maintain in places with extreme weather conditions
  • Provide the same traction as a carpet and are a good alternative to them
  • Supplement the integrity of the flooring and design system
  • Very little maintenance and a long lifetime
  • Highly economical in comparison with other floors

Super Flat Flooring System

In warehouse floors where frequent movement of trucks and forklifts takes place, floor flatness is a very significant criterion to be considered. In modern warehouses, high density storage is in vogue, in order to optimize material storage and handling and reduce land investment. Conventional construction fails to produce floors of flatness sensitive enough to handle sophisticated forklifts. Floor flatness is a parameter that comes to play in high density warehouses, where defined path, narrow aisle trucks operate. Thus, construction of super flat floors takes into account the proposed rack height and its layout. With state of the art equipments and experiences personnel, a high degree of floor flatness can be achieved.

Some of the notable advantages of super flat floors are,

  • Efficient operation of moving vehicles
  • Minimize vibration in lift trucks, thus reducing maintenance and down time
  • Reduced damage to stock
  • High performance
  • Low cost
  • Safe operating environment

Steel Fibre Reinforced Concrete Flooring

This is one of the most superior types of flooring, providing maximum resistance to cracks and heavy loads in defined as well as free movement. Typical concrete flooring is commonly found in parking lots, playgrounds, airport runways, and maintenance hangars. This technique is also widely used for storage and handling areas, military warehouses and bulk storage warehouses. Capable of providing a large floor area with or without joints, these resilient floors can be customized to suit our needs. With a host of benefits to offer, this is one of the most sought after flooring systems in heavy duty construction for static and dynamic loads.

Several advantages offered by this flooring system are as follows,

  • Strong flexural properties
  • Low shrinkage cracking and low permeability
  • High load bearing capacity of concrete
  • High fatigue and impact resistance
  • High durability
  • Low maintenance cost
  • High resistance to impact and abrasion
  • Tough surface with few bleed holes
  • Robust floor entailing very low cost of construction


VNA Warehouse Flooring

VNA warehouses need to be equipped with supremely flat floors in order to ensure convenient movement of vehicles and improved efficiency of the storage system.

Factory Flooring

It is a sensitive arena taking into consideration the operation of machinery and people. It takes into account the nature of factory in order to customize the flooring based on the production expertise.

Hospital Flooring

A functional design taking into account the hygiene and are non-slippery. Non-porous fabrics which do not retain microbes and are inactive against alcohol and other abrasive cleansing agents should be used.

Pharmaceutical Flooring

This high-performance industry demands a floor that are resilient to chemicals, impact, and abrasion and meet high design standards. Our innovative design options cater to almost every requirement.

Retail Flooring

We help create flexible layout options which maintain an ambience in which customers would love to be. With designer floors that haven’t seen the boundaries of imagination, add a new dimension to your store.

Car Park Flooring

Garner the best impression with our unique car park flooring system designs that will transform your parking environment into a safe and welcoming environment.

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